the holidays are coming soon. personally, im not a fan of the whole “exchanging gifts” phenomena, as my list has gotten longer so have my expenses. this year big L and i decided to keep it low. i thought that maybe a home made present will be a good solution. i love crafts and packaging, i believe it shows effort, creativity and love. the holidays for me are all about family, and in my case, the best solution for that is alcohol!
going through my recipe books i came across a recipe for limoncello from diner journal. in total it takes a month to make it so its not ready yet, but here are some pictures from the first phase of the process. More updates to come.

zest of 15-18 lemons depending on size
2 bottles of 100 proof vodka
4 cups white sugar
5 cups water

wash lemons in warm water to remove wax from the outside. zest the lemons. don't go too deep. the white pith will make it bitter.
add lemon zest to the vodka. let it seat in cool place with no exposure to sun for two weeks. shake it every day or so.

after two weeks strain the vodka through cheesecloth or fine strainer. press zest firmly for maximum flavor.
bring sugar and water into low boil. when liquid becomes clear turn it off and let it cool.
when syrup cools thoroughly mix in your lemon-vodka infusion and decant into the containers to age in the freezer for additional 2
-3 weeks.
you can use any citrus.

*the longer you let your product age the stronger and smoother it will be.

*one hour active time

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