upstate new york

in this post i just wanted to share a great trip i had few weekends ago with my family to upstate ny.
we went to visit our dear friends, the photographers charles lindsay and catherine chalmers, who have a beautiful home in preston hollow.

a couple of years ago, over a glass of wine, charlie and i had a conversation in which we planned to build a table together in his upstate wood workshop. since that wishful conversation, baby leeba came into my life and priorities and time management have all changed. charlie, the amazing restless artist and creator he is, got tired of waiting and decided to make the table by himself and dedicate it to our little leeba.
we arrived on saturday afternoon to pick up the table. except for the amazing weather, full spring bloom and the magnificent table, charlie and catherine surprised us with a roasted wild turkey that charlie hunted (can this guy do everything or what...?) that same morning. while the turkey was roasting, we ate some great new york cheese, had great wine and saw leeba bond with the neighbors' happy labrador dog.
unfortunately we only came for one night and had to go back to reality the next day, but with an amazing table!

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