isareli boutique wines

it is no secret that israeli wines have made great strides in the last several years. there are few famous larger brands such as yarden and Rothschild. yet, on our last several trips, we began to explore isareli boutique wines and were constantly amazed at their wonderful taste and complexity. some of the wines we most enjoyed are from vineyards such as dalton, tishbi and Tzora.

wine has been a product of israel since biblical times, as the wine industry was a major part of the economy. the modern Israeli wine industry was founded by the baron edmond benjamin james de rothschild in 1882. he had built two wineries, one in zikhron ya'akov and another in rishon lezion. during the 90’s, due to advances in technology, good climate and fertile land quality vineyards have sprung up all over israel.

our favorite wine for this trip, was giv'at hachalukim 2005 by tzora. we had it first at friends house and could not get enough of it. from that moment on, every meal we had on that trip included this wine. giv'at hachalukim is made entirely from cabernet sauvignon grapes and is medium to full-bodied. tzora winery, which was founded in 1993, is located at the the judean hills that surrounds the city of jerusalem.
now that i am hooked, i want to try more israeli boutique wines and need to find a way to have more readily here in new york.

*יינות ישראלים

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